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Saturday, March 30, 2013

....And Then There Were Two (Planters).

Here are my lovely planters! I added the second one because one was not enough (big smile). I also transplanted the pepper plants to the second one and moved one of the cucumber plants. They were getting crowded and I decided to give them a better chance to get as big as possible I would move them around a bit. 

Here is a view of one cucumber plant and some of the tomatoes. The curly stuff that looks like grass? My mothers dumping of chive seeds. I moved them around as best I could considering the tangled mess they are. 

This is a future tomato that will fill my tummy with tomato goodness!

I am currently growing some new plants in house for transplant. Some heirloom cucumbers (lemon cucumbers), radishes (watermelon radishes), and tomatoes. As well as some kale and swish chard. I will post about them later this weekend. I will need a third planter for these new veggies and I'm trying to find a economical way to do that. Thinking that if someone has cedar or redwood they don't want I could use it. I am still looking and if I can't find anything before they're ready to plant then I'll just buy wood for a third. 

I am very happy with the results so far! My plants have doubled or tripled in size an my direct sow (put the seeds in the dirt) spinach is going strong. I think we'll have a great crop this year. I'll be able to share the bounty with people and I cannot wait. 

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