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Friday, August 14, 2015

My Review of the Bumble and bumble Don't blow it (H)air Styler

When this product was first released I was so excited to try it. Sometimes, I'm tired and I don't want to put a lot of time and energy into my hair after I wash it and the Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow it  (H)air Styler seemed like an answer to my prayers. Bb claims that their leave in product is a first-of-its-kind crème, which enhances texture and body with a soft, product-free feel for our perfect air-dried style. 

Since I cut my hair off I’ve been using all kinds of new hair products. For a little background I had not cut my hair for almost three year. It was long but really unhealthy. I went through chemo with my hair, which fell out in a weird circular pattern (they told me it wouldn’t). So I use to wear my longer hair to cover the hair loss. I should have just shaved it but I didn’t even consider it. 

My hair has also been bone straight for years but when I was younger it was crazy curly. Guess what? It’s grown in curly again. So, I bit the bullet and cut it all off. Now I have fine curly short hair that I have to use product for. So I’m always looking for time saving options when I’m just not feeling up to doing a lot of work on my hair. 

I’ve been using the (H)air Styler for about a month and I’m very pleased with it. Not only do I have fine curly hair now but also I live in Florida. For those that don’t know what it’s like in Florida pretend that you’re in a sauna. If you have not experience a sauna then put your oven on, preheat it, and then right before you open to let the heat hit your face, it mist your self in the face with water. That is Florida from around May until September. That means that any product that I put in my hair has to not make me feel nasty. There is no way not to sweat in Florida and the last thing you want is some weird hair stuff on your forehead causing breakouts. 

The (H)air Styler held up perfectly in high heat! It also did well pulled up during exercise. Also, if I don’t put something in my hair it becomes something that resembles a frizzed out tribble. I have to say that the (H)air Styler left my hair soft, pliable (not stiff), and kept the curl. If I do decide to straighten my hair later in the day there was no problem and it was perfect. 

Another huge win? No residue! I don't like to wash my hair twice a day. Lets face it who does? Plus, products that leave residue really weight down my fine hair.

Overall The Bb (H)air Styler is a great way to save some time in the mornings when you just don’t have time, or like me don’t want to put the energy into it. It also lives up to the claims of leaving your hair soft and smooth while leaving the hair with body. 

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