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Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 2015 Boxycharm Unboxing

Oh Boxycharm how I love thee (petting the box). I guess it’s no secret that I love Boxycharm. I was on the waitlist for about a month before they opened up their subscriptions. When I got the conformation email saying I had been taken off of the wait list I literally squealed like a small child. (Yes I did). Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box like Ipsy and Birchbox but with a higher price point of $22.00 (plus tax if in Florida). Why the price difference you ask? Because the give you five, count em five, full-sized beauty products. In my opinion it is 100% worth the cost of the box. Is every box a winner? No, but most of the time you get something awesome and worth the $22.00. 

Now all the things! 

Anyone else notice the new box? I like the black! 

First thing I pull out another brush! I love brushes. This is SETA's Eyeliner Brush $16.00. This brush is 5 ½ inches long which I like because I seem to do better with the longer handled brushes. The handle is made of wood and the fibers are synthetic. It is a very thin brush with a tapered point that I really like. I prefer that liner brushes have an angle to them to help control the line but I’m going to give this brush a shot to see if I can get a very thin line. As you can see the line I created was pretty thick but I was using a lot of product. 

And what do you need to go with that eyeliner brush? Well gel eyeliner of course! MicaBeauty's Gel Eyeliner full-sized $35.00 goes perfect with the SETA eyeliner brush. As you can see from the picture above the product is opaque and goes on smoothly. After I let it dry I had to remove it with makeup remover. I’m not sure about the staying power on my oily lids but I’m going to give it a try. I’m not sure it’s going to live up to my Tartist eyeliner but we shall see. 

I did not know what this was at first but it’s actually a leave in conditioner. Remember how I said I’m looking for hair products? The Nios Shield Leave In Conditioner f(ull-sized $26.00) protects your hair with a SPF 15 sunscreen. To be honest I’ve never had a product with sunscreen in it for my hair. It also contains Vitamin E and B5 to hydrate and nourish hair and Moroccan argan oil to help tame frizz. 

The leave in conditioner is not as thick as most leave in conditioners but is also not runny. I have to say I wasn’t a fan of the sunscreen smell. I’m not sure I want my hair to smell like I put a bunch of sunscreen into it. I’m going to give it a try the next time I go to the beach but I don’t think I’ll be using this product daily. 

The So Susan Statement Skin is a stick highlighter full-sized $20.00. The Statement Skin highlighting crayon contains organic chia seed to help keep sink softly hydrated and silk peptide to promote skin suppleness and elasticity. It talks about it’s chiseled end being good for both large area application as well as for the cupids bow and the bridge of the nose. However, that end is going to wear down as you use the product so I’m not overly impressed with the new end type. 

This is a gorgeous highlighter though and I’m going to use it. I’m not easily impressed but the formula is creamy and goes on very smoothly. I also like the fact that it blends well and can be mixed with foundation. Overall a great product. 

Let me just say that this last box item made me so happy. I am a big fan of the Costal Scents Revealed pallet’s so I was excited to see the new(ish) Costal Scents Reveal3d pallet in my box (full-sized $39.95 but you can usually find it for $19.95). I love these pallets. The colors are opaque, go on smoothly, and are very blendable. There is a bit of fallout from the pan but it’s not a lot. The product is not chalky but it is not as creamy as the Urban Decay shadows. 

I will say that these pallets really rival the Urban Decay Naked pallets. There is really no difference in quality plus they’re also $30.00 cheaper. You can get all three Revealed pallets for $10.00 more then cost of one Urban Decay Naked pallet. Sometimes the reveled pallets go on sale for as low as $10.00 so you might even be able to buy all three for $30. 00 if you’re patient and keep and eye on the website. That’s a steal for such good quality eye shadows. If you’re looking for an alternative to the Naked pallets that wont break the bank you really should get these. 

That is my Boxycharm for the month of August! I loved this box. The Reval3d pallet alone was worth the price of the box. I’m in love with the highlighter and who doesn’t need more eyeliner and a brush – am I right? I’m not a huge fan of the leave in conditioner but I will get use out of it living in Florida. So, what did you guys think of Boxycharm this month? 

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