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Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 2015 Birchbox Unboxing

Thought I forgot about you guys huh? Nope! I’m back with my reviews! I know I’ve been slow posting but I’ve had one heck of a month with life things. June was my birthday and oncologist testing (still cancer free) and then in July it was MS month where I had appointments, numb feet (yeah fun but they’re going away) and dogs bouncing off of walls and getting an ear hematoma. So things have calmed down and I’m baaaack. Also keep an eye out for the launch of my YouTube channel!. Enough of my babbling onto the reviews!

I have to confess that I love beauty subscriptions. Sometimes I don’t get things I like but that’s the chance you take with subscription boxes. I’ve found some HG products using subscription services so I’m all for it. Today is my August Birchbox unboxing. For those that are unfamiliar with Birchbox it’s a $10.00/month beauty and lifestyle subscription box. You will receive a very cute box along with 6 sample-sized products. At times you will receive a full sized product but it’s not something you should count on. You can check out Birchbox here www.birchbox.com

Now on to all the things! 

Birchbox is sending out some cute boxes eh? 

The first product from this box is the RUSK Volumizing Mousse sample size – full size $18.00. Can I say I’m a grammar Nazi? Not on my own stuff mind you (I’m bad at that) so if I can spot it it’s bad. Well, I spotted it on the Birchbox product card…well unless stregthand is a word now…smile. 

I also think these sub boxes are reading my mind. I just cut my off after two years (hey what can I say Cancer took up my time) and volume is always a concern for me. I can’t wait to try this product on my hair to see if it really does volumize. I’m using a BB volumizer now but it seems to leave behind a film that I don’t care for. Woo me RUSK WOO ME! 

People who know a bit about beauty products have heard of dr.brandt pores no more cleanser sample sized – full sized $35.00. I have to say I have never used this product. I’m scared to upset my face but I’m going to try it on my nose. I’ll let you know how I feel about it after I use it. 

I was very excited to see the Dr. Jart+ Vital Hydra Solutions Deep Hydration Sheet Mask in my box full size $6.00. I love sheet masks! It’s one of the Asian beauty trends that I’ve been coveting for a long time that America is just now catching up with. I have used this mask before and I love it. It really helps to hydrate dry skin but if you have oily skin I would stay away from it. If you only try one Asian beauty staple I would highly say that sheet masks are the way to go! 

I have to say that I am not excited to receive the Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer sample size – full size $20.00. I’m pretty sold on the moisturizers I use (yes plural) and trying a new one isn’t high on my list. I did not open it so I can pass it along to a friend to try. 

Isn’t this cute? This is theBalm cosmetics Balm Desert Bronzer/Blush sample – full size $21.00. I love this bronzer for my skin tone. It matches my skin amazingly and I have a fair complexion. This sample is so small I’m not sure I’m going to get any use out of it. I can tell that the product has a small amount of fallout, is creamy, and has a slight shimmer to it. I’m really enjoying theBalm products and impressed with their quality. I might actually pick this bronzer up. 

Overall I’m very happy with August’s Birchbox. I’m not sure what happened with their information cards (although it’s funny). What did you get in your Birchbox this month?


  1. That's a solid box! I hope I get a sheet mask through BB one day! I got the Coola spray, Juicy Couture perfume (meh), LAQA cheek & lip tint, a luminizing primer, and Parlor blowout spray. Love it aside from the perfume! :)

    1. I'm not a huge fan of the perfume's I get usually. I think I've gotten 20 Harvey Prince scents in the last year though (ok impossible I know but it seems that way - smile). Let me know how you like the cheek and lip tint. I am looking for one! :)