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Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 2015 3b Beauty Bag Unbagging and Review

3b bag unbagging! Yes ladies and gentleman here is my unbagging of the August 3b bag. Do you like Asian cosmetics and skincare (maybe not but you should)? 3b is a monthly beauty subscription bag like Ipsy and Birchbox. Like Ipsy and Birchbox 3b provides you with 5 – 6 sample sized (sometimes full sized) products and at $12.00/month 3b is also at the same price point. 

However, 3b is different because they send you Asian skincare and makeup products. 3b is new to the beauty subscription scene with less then a year under its belt. Experienced users of Korean and Japanese beauty products have claimed that 3b contains products geared more for someone who is just starting to explore Asian beauty. I would disagree with that statement. Just like any other beauty subscription service you’ll receive products you don’t want or don’t need but you’ll also receive product that you were not aware of, or a product from a brand you know but haven’t tried. 3b seems to hit the mark for Asian beauty like Ipsy and Birchbox do for Western brands. 

Now on to all the things! 

I pulled out this very cute very tiny sample of the Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint. The Tony tint contains jojoba seed oil to give color to your lips without drying your lips it. The lip tint deliver great color payoff, long-lasting wear, and applies evenly every time. I did not put the product on my lips (sorry) because I am trying out another lip product and I don’t want to accidently make my lips angry and ruin that review. 

I swatched the lip tint on my hand and as you can see its very wet when you first apply it. It also has a sent that is a combination between sweet candy and lipstick. It’s not offensive at all but it does stick around. It also takes a little bit to try if you’re familiar with Kat Von D liquid lipsticks I would say it takes a little more then half-the time to dry as the Kat Von D brand. Since the Tonymoly tint is about $2.00 online it’s a huge difference in savings. 

However, I have to say that the color payoff is amazing. What you see on my hand is one swipe of the wand. It also does not come off without a makeup remover. I wore the product for a day to see if it would crack on my hand and not a chance. I even took a nap with it on my hand. Ok ok I forgot I had it on and yes I do take naps – laugh. 

It seems that it would not be drying on your lips but I can’t say that for sure. I can tell you that if I touch the spot on my hand with the product on it did feel moisturized. 

Also can I comment on the “Not for Sale” on the label? It made me laugh. 

The second product is the RiRe Luxe Eye Lash Mascara. Now, 3b said that we were going to get the RiRe Luxe Eye Lash Essence but instead we received the Mascara. The info card even lists the essence. So I looked up the information on line. The product contains black bean extract, black sesame seed extract, elastine, and peptide (Keratin). These ingredients add nutrients and moisture as well as stronger lashes and strengthening. It has a specialized brush, which resembles an oval with bristles, that they claim curls the lashes, prevent clumping, and allows you to get close to your lash line. The product page also states that it has a deep and delicate rose scent and is easily washed off. 

That delicate rose (lose?) sent? It smells like someone took unicorn sparkles, fairy farts, and dead roses, mixed it all together, concentrated it and put it in this mascara. As you can tell it’s way to much for me and since I do have sensitive skin/eyes at times, I did not put this mascara on. 

I wish I could put it on because the brush head seems like an interesting idea and is 100% not like any mascara brush I have ever seen. If I can convince one of my friends to try on the mascara I will update everyone on how well it does. I am also going to guess that since the mascara can be washed of with warm water that the mascara is not waterproof. 

It’s sheet mask month! I received this Missha Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask in Red Ginseng. Missha is a very popular brand and is fairly easy to get in the US via the online website. If you don’t know how to use a sheet mask you open it and put it on your freshly washed face, wait 15 – 20 minutes, remove, and then gently pat until all the product left on your face is fully absorbed. I promise I wont go on a diatribe about how I love sheet masks. 

Korean red ginseng is a very coveted herb in Korea. I’ve actually been taking it for fatigue for a while now and it works really well. The claims for your skin are that it strengthens skin’s immunity to harmful environments, boosts blood circulation, helps to remove dead skin cells, and boosts firmness and elasticity. I have not tried this sheet mask yet but I will be. 

Sheet masks are always a bit goopy and wet so be prepared for that. Also, red ginseng does not smell great. It’s a very earthy/wood type smell so I can’t speak to how this mask is going to smell. 

Last we have the Secret key Starting Treatment Eye Cream. This cream contains shea butter, macadamia seed oil, sweet almond oil, and witch hazel extract (as well as more ingredients). The claim is that this eye cream helps to maintain elasticity and vitality around the eye, as well as smooth’s wrinkles, nourishes the skin, and increasing radiance. It does not contain parabens, phenoxy ethanol, mineral oil, synthetic coloring or benzophnon. 

This is a huge bottle of eye cream. I really like the packaging because it keeps light out and you never have to touch the cream with your fingers. This decreases the exposure to air and light as well as bacteria from your fingers. It is a thick product but goes on very easily. The smell is very subtle and disappears immediately with application. I would have to compare the scent and consistency to Clinique’s Laser Focus Eye cream. 

Well, that is this month’s 3b beauty bag. Overall the bag was a miss for me. I won’t be using the mascara and the prices of the other products don’t add up to the $12.00/month price tag. Especially since the Tony Moly Lip Tint is only a sample size. I’m going to continue getting the bag for a few more months but if it continues with this trend then I will have to cancel my subscription. What are your thoughts on this months bag?

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