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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ipsy April 2015 Unbagging

Welcome to another Ipsy unbagging! I have to say I’ve really liked the recent Ipsy bags. I’m not sure if they’re reading my mind but I hope the trend continues. For those who don’t know Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription box. It’s $10.00 a month and usually includes around 5 products that range from sample sized to full-sized (mostly sample). You also get a small makeup bag every month. If you want to check them out they’re located right here https://www.ipsy.com

Now on to all the things! 

I love the bag this month. It’s not plastic but a whicker type material and the bag is just different from the norm. 

First thing is the julieG Nail Color with a $1.00 of coupon at Rite Aid (we don’t have Rite Aids in my area). I received the color Damsel that is a cool pink color. It does not go on very opaque (think three coats) but it’s a nice spring color choice. My nails chip quickly so I can say that it stayed on for the normal amount of time colors last on my fingers, which is about two days. Overall this is a great drugstore nail polish. 

The next product is the Olive Natural Beauty The olive Lip Balm. This is your standard lip balm with the hook being that it’s made from Olive’s. It actually has a slight chocolate smell to it. Mine got a bit melted in my mailbox so it could be that or maybe my nose is still messed up from my cold. Either way that’s how it smells to me with a slight olive undertone. It does hydrate your lips and works well as a balm. 

Gallany Cosmetics Lipstick in Petal is my next Ipsy bag product. I love this color. It also goes on creamy and stays on average time. It’s a sample-sized lipstick that is a perfect size for my purse. The lipstick contains Hyaluronic acid and Lavender Wax. Not to sure what lavender wax does but woo hoo. 

Another brush! This is the Crown Brush oval Concealer C224. The brush is not as dense as my MAC 242 (which I use for concealer) but it’s a nice brush to add to my rotation. I have to say the fibers feel…odd. I’m not sure if it’s the materials used but they feel stiff. I don’t believe I’ve had a brush made of Japanese Torray Taklon Bristles. 

And finally we have theBalm Cosmetics Nude Dude eyeshadow single in Fit. I love the color, which is shimmery. The product is opaque and goes on very creamy with no fallout. Ipsy has sold me on theBalm and I think I’m going to buy a few of their full sized products. 

Well that was my Ipsy bag. I’m half and half with this bag. I can’t buy the nail polish locally and the lip balm melted. But seriously Ipsy- another lip balm? I like the brush, the lipstick, and theBalm sample but I don’t think it’s worth $10.00. What saved Ipsy for me this month was the makeup bag. I really like that it’s made from a wicker material and not plastic. So this one is a win but just barely. What did you get in your bag this month? What did you think?

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