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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Rut

Well it's official I'm in a rut. A rut or maybe a mid life crisis (laugh).

No, just a rut.

I am a happy positive person and I enjoy my life but I've felt like things are stagnant lately. I know exactly what is contributing to it. The problem is how do you change things?

I have for awhile thought that this is just life. You fall into a day in and day out routine and that's how it is. I've realized in the past couple of months that that isn't the case. You just have to get rid of the stuff that's weighing you down.

I'm trying to rectify one situation as we speak. It's not that easy because I need to have certain things because of my MS. So, this might be a little tricky but I'll get it done.

My second situation is my own fault. I've changed my way of thinking about it and already my rut seems to be better. It's fun how when you tell someone to man up how much your perspective changes (smile).

I've also started walking (fast walking) more. This is my compromise to not jogging or running for awhile. In two months I'm going to start running again. No running since the neck arthritis/pec minor issue. I sorta got lazy and I've finally shook myself out of it.

The exercise may push me out of the rut all together. I enjoy registering and prepping for a race. So, I think my next thing is to look for a race. Mwhahahaha

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