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Monday, September 3, 2012

Keeping up with the MSers

Hi Peeps! It's been awhile I know. Life gets in the way what can I say (smile).

I'm going to get back to my daily posting starting with this one.

As some know (or don't know) I am a MS Advocate. We recently had our forum meeting and let me tell you it was amazing to see everyone again! It's also a great restarting and re-energizing point for us advocates.

This links back to MS in general. There were over 180 of us at the forum. Some of us are disabled (in motorized chairs or walking with canes) but most of us are not. I have to say the all of who were there are OK. By that I mean that while we have our issues we are living and having fun! We went to Lajolla and climbed around an Aircraft carrier; even those who had mobility issues were on that aircraft carrier.

This brings me to a point that I have to reiterate. How you deal with your disease and how it effects you is VERY contingent on your perspective. We all walked, laughed, danced, were silly, and enjoyed ourselves. So many people consumed themselves with what ifs and woe is me thoughts that they miss out on their lives.

Is it kinda crappy that I have to give myself a shot? Yeah sure it is, but honestly it's just part of my routine now. I get fatigue and other cruddy little things but most people get that.

I was traveling for over 12 hours the other day and I started thinking about how exhausted I was. Well, anyone would be exhausted after that much travel.

I find a lot of people with MS just want to complain and wallow. Yes it does suck sometimes, but for the love, life isn't always sunshine and puppy dogs!

Words of tough love now - Get over yourself. It's life. Good and bad things will happen and you have to deal with it. Try not to drag everyone else down with you! 

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