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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Feeling Very Asian

I'm feeling very "Asian" today. I bet you're thinking "Since you are Asian... don't you feel Asian every day?" or maybe something like "What does an Asian feel like?". Well my friends I will tell you. ..

While it's true I am Asian, I don't think about it every day. I'm not constantly thinking of Korean ways to do things, how Korean I am, or how Korean people are the best people in the world. Well... maybe that last one, but I digress.

I bought a pair of prescription sunglasses last week. They arrived yesterday. Love them woo hoo! I drive to work with them and realize they might not be polarized like I asked (It's ok it was taken care of).

Well, because of this I go on to the Oakley website just to look around. (HOLDING UP HAND) Yes I know expensive, but I work hard and have few things I buy for myself. If I want to spend the money on prescription sunglasses I will.. SHHHH Don't judge!

I'm looking around and I see this little link that says "Also available in Asian Fit"...... Hm.... WTF Is Asian fit?

So, since I 'am' Asian and it says "Asian" I click on it....

Huh... well look at that. Did you know that Asians have flatter noses thus making the fit of some glasses hard? Their heads are also shaped differently etc etc. (I won't go into Asian head anatomy) I did not realize this. Oakley, being the cool company they are, recognizes that Asians have different sun glass needs and modifies their sunglasses to accommodate for that.....

Now, let me share a little personal stuff here. I have always attributed the fact that my cheeks touch my glasses and that it's a little snug on the sides, to the fact that I have a fat head. Yes yes I was resigned to the fact that my fat head made it hard to get sunglasses BUT I DON'T HAVE A FAT HEAD! I have an ASIAN head!!

To make a longer story a little longer... The nice people at my eyeglass place took them back and are ordering me polarized Asian fit Oakleys WOOO HOO! Oakley will have my Business FOREVER.

This quote from Margaret Cho is all that much funnier now...

"But he was telling me that I really don't have a fat body and I know I don't have a fat body, I just have a really big head. And I don't know how I'm gonna lose weight in my head. What kind of crunches do I have to do?! "

...... and that is why I'm feeling very Asian today.

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