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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dresses are your friend!

I haven’t blogged in awhile! Almost a month! I’ve meant to but I must say that I’ve had an interesting month to say the least. 

First and foremost the dress thing is working amazingly! A few posts back (pointing down) I shared that I was going to start to wear dresses to beat the heat at work. My current company has been growing and we needed a new building. I was on one of the teams that were moved to the new building and unfortunately that building is humid. 

Something I’ve realized is that the humidity seems to affect MS worse than heat alone. The simple explanation for this is that your body cannot cool itself down. The moisture on your body will usually evaporate thus cooling you off. With the humidity this does not happen. This is a small thing for most people but for those of us with MS it becomes a big thing. 

So to try to keep myself cooler the dress idea was born. It took a few weeks but it seems to have worked! I feel better now than I have in months! I haven’t even been using my wake up medication the past couple of weeks! 

I’ve also started running again. Not my 20 miles but I’m up to 8 right now. This is probably helping my energy out a lot and that is fine with me! I plan to at least do a half marathon this year if I can get up to speed I will do a Marathon! 

Yes this means I will be rambling about my training on my blog again (smile). 

I love running and it’s great to get back into it! I’ve had all kinds of doctors’ appointments this week and I am going to celebrate my birthday (last week) with some great friends of mine tonight. Have a great time everyone out in the blogosphere!

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