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Friday, April 1, 2011

Best Mother Ever

I haven’t been out of the house since Tuesday when I went to the doctor and I was told I had the plague. Oh, I should explain that? Ok.

Sunday night my throat feels a little sore. Now here in Florida we’ve been having a little bit of a pollen issue, as you can see.

That is pollen and those are footprints.
I did 7 miles on Saturday and because of the pollen count, I chalked the throat up to allergies. Monday I wake up with a really bad sore throat. Now, those who have had sinus issues you all know about that bad pain in the back of your throat that comes from the nasal stuff (trying not to gross people out there). Still thinking it’s sinuses I go to work like a happy little worker bee that I am.

While at work I realize that my throat is not getting better. Usually after you wake up, get moving, drink, and eat something, the sinus throat pain will go away. Not so much, and at about 9am I call my doctor and make an appointment.

As the day goes on I realize yeah maybe not sinuses at all and I stop sitting in peoples cubes and warn them to disinfect things. Monday can’t sleep because of horrible throat pain and chills. Yeah I realize this is not sinuses, jump to Tuesday.

I have strep. Not strep type a but some other type. Woo hoo for me! So, I’ve been working from home for the past four days as to not distribute my disease to the office. Again I’m a happy worker bee.

Today is Friday. I have gone to a doctor’s appointment and have not seen the sun for days. We had some apocalyptic weather as well but that’s another story.

I decide that I will drive to Best Buy tonight to get a new cell phone case. Even if I do have a fever the people at Best Buy can go to the doctor and get on antibiotics. So, I get an Otter case for my iPhone. This is an industrial insane “Run it over with a tank and it will be ok” case. I snapped my last case in half and lately I have a habit of throwing the phone around while let’s say, walking down the stairs at work, so this is a good purchase.

I show my mom (after I figure out how to have three hands to open the case myself). I tell her it will protect my phone if I drop it etc. She is examining it pretty closely.

“So, I can drop it on the floor and it will be ok?”

I answer innocently “Yes that’s what it is for, to help protect the phone if I drop it.”

At which point my cute, small, innocent looking and evil Korean mother proceeds to drop the phone on the floor and look at me.  Then she starts laughing hysterically. I start laughing hysterically as well, which may mean I’m evil too or really stir crazy.

I have the most hilarious woman in the world as my mother. :-D

BTW the phone is ok lol

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