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Friday, March 28, 2014

MS and Cancer or Why I love the Red Wedding episode Game of Thrones.

I'm back! Most don't know, some do, some don't care, but I had Cancer (record scratch)! Nope not a joke, because that shit isn't funny, and who would joke about Cancer? Well, I might joke about my experience...a little. So picture this...(magical music).

Back in January of last year I started feeling really crappy. It actually started a little bit before that but I was still doing my thing pushing through. I went out of work in January because I thought I was in the middle of a flare (little thing where the MS finally does some damage and something bad happens). I have all these tests and at the suggestion of my Neurologist I leave work. We thought this would be a temporary situation.

I keep getting worse and worse and to all my doctors it just looks like my MS is progressing. I get fatigued easily, I become dizzy quickly, and I'm just weak. We start doing functional testing to see if I can even work again. At the end of May I'm scheduled to get a Neuropsychology evaluation. A Neuropsychologist is exactly what it sounds like a psychologist that specializes in neurology, and I'm all prepared to be upset and told that my MS is progressing and that I'm doing bad health wise.

Since I'm home a lot I have started watching the Game of Thrones. I'm at home at the end of May watching the Red Wedding episode. For those of you who haven't seen it sorry but I'm going to spoil it. So, everyone is getting killed EVERYONE and I start to cough.

*cough cough* funny it feels like something is in my throat
*cough cough into napkin* Oh shit it's blood.

Now you may be asking yourselves "What the fuck is wrong with you? You had blood when you coughed and you didn't go to the ER RIGHT THEN?" Ever have a bloody nose? Well that's what I thought it was, plus it was the Red Wedding!

This happens two more times and I blow my nose after the third time to see if I do have a bloody nose. Nope. Huh, so at this point I decide that going to the ER would probably be a good idea BUT the episode still has 10 minutes. Oh yes, I stayed home and finished that episode of Game of Thrones while coughing up blood. I should probably get a walk on role or some such just for that.

Fast forward a bit to after the doctor got my blood tests back "You are very sick" Oh really (side eye)? How so? How so is that I have a platelet count of 10 (I went to look it up) and a WBC count of 1.0. Platelets do this cool thing called clotting your blood (TADA that explains the coughing up blood). Just to tell you how far gone I was normal platelets are from 150 - 400 (I was also doing things like bleeding out of my gums and bruising) and with a White Blood Cell count of 1.0 I ran the risk of catching every germ known to man oh and can't breath because my Hemoglobin is under 7.

Hospital, mask, tests, bone marrow biopsy (a whole other blog), and then a diagnosis "You have Leukemia" (blink blink).

Oh. Well, that explains a lot.

I have Acute Promylocytic Leukemia or APML or AML for sort.

I was hospitalized from June 1 until July 18th just to stabilize. February 7 2014 was my last chemo treatment and as of today, I am feeling pretty good. Cancer seems to be gone and I'm slowly recovering from 8 months of almost daily poison (another blog as well).

I must say thought my MS is doing quite well (laughing).

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