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Sunday, January 15, 2012

...or the beatings will continue

As everyone who reads my blogs knows I have MS.

One of the big issues I have with MS are muscle issues. It's akin to someone putting a hot ball bearing, of various sizes, into my back. The last bad one was an orange sized ball bearing burning it's way through my back under my shoulder.

To make these wonderful little balls of love go away - I get therapeutic deep tissue massage. I also do fascial release because the fascia in my back, shoulders, and hips are just insane. Fascia is connective tissue around the muscles for those that don't know.

Well I went on Friday to get this done because a ball of love was taking residence in my shoulder, again. No one ever pushes hard enough or gets deep enough for me. It's a PITA procedure and if they don't push hard enough the muscle wont release. For example, for the orange sized ball bearing, I had a 300lb guy with his knee on the massage table pressing into my shoulder with his elbo.

I call to make an appointment and I find out he's gone back to Boston now (sad face). I ask for someone else and I get girl for this appointment. Now, I'm not saying girls are wimpy but most of the woman I've had that give me a massage aren't strong enough/don't push hard enough.


She pushed hard enough alright and the ball bearings are gone but now I feel like I've been in a street fight. Which, funny enough does not feel as bad as the ball bearings but still bad.

One problem? My back and shoulders look like I've been in a street fight. I believe that the comments were "You should sue." "Did you complain?" "Did you really get in a street fight?" "Did someone beat you?" "Are you ok?!" and "People are going to think I beat you."

FYI No my boyfriend does not beat me.

I'd post pictures but lets try to save those faint of heart.

Maybe I should tell everyone I was attacked by a bear and I won!

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  1. Hmmmm so this massage therapist who went back to Boston, his name is... And do we know where in Boston?