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Monday, September 14, 2015

My 3b Beauty Bag Unbagging for September 2015

It’s time to start the September Beauty Subscription unboxing blogs! I know I’ve been slacking on reviews but I’ve got some exciting personal stuff going on which I will update everyone on as soon as I can. I anticipate September and October to be very exciting! 

My first unbagging will be the 3b Beauty Bag subscription. 3b (beauty, beyond, borders) is a monthly subscription service that that focuses on Asian beauty. For $12.00/month they send you four to five sample to full sized samples of beauty products. The 3b beauty bag is a great way to experience Asian beauty products without having to break the bank (or go on a scavenger hunt). 

Now, All The Things! 

I saw this product and thought “Oh no”. This is the Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream sample size – full-sized price $25.00. This is a Japanese brand that was developed by a pharmacist in 1957. The issue for me with this product (which I have tried before) is the smell. It smells like a mix of coconut oil and Vicks VapoRub. I do have to say that I love the way Vicks smells (yeah I’m weird) but I cannot see slathering it all over myself as a moisturizer. The lovely smell is due to camphor, which is also used in Vicks VapoRub. I have been told that it’s an amazing product. I just can’t get past the smell. 

Here we have the RiRe Luxe Eye Lash Essence that was promised to us in last months 3b bag. This product is full sized with a retail value of $4.74. This lash essence helps to strengthen eyelashes with peptides, black bean extract, and black sesame extract. 

You apply the Lash Essence daily at bedtime to clean lashes coating the entire eyelash from the root up. I’ve heard a lot of positive reviews for this product. I’m going to try it out on a Friday in the event i have an allergic reaction. Ya know, enough time to get some anti-inflammatory medication into my system and be able to see – smile. There is no scent to speak of and the product is clear. The brush want has a ball at the end that reminds me of the ItCosmetics Hello Lashes wand. I will report back on how this product affects my eyelashes (if at all). 

I had the Leaders Mediu Therapy Hand Cream Collagen Therapy in my hot little hands for 2 minutes – full-sized value $4.00. Just enough time to take a few blurry pictures before and identify it as a Korean product before my mother snatched it away. My mother has a problem with eczema on her hands and as soon as she saw that this is to help with elasticity she was more excited then I’ve ever seen her about a product I’ve received in a beauty subscription. 

This hand cream contains collagen extract and honey and I know that’s not a lot of information. However, the box has been coveted and stolen so I can’t do a translation of the ingredients just yet. It has a subtle scent that smells a bit like verbena. It’s very fresh, not overpowering, and dissipates a few minutes after application. I will let you know how it works on my mothers hands. 

The last product in this bag is the Secret key Honey Bees AC Control Spot Remover full-sized $16.07 (on the Secret Key Website it is more expensive but I used the memebox.com website for price). This product contains bee venom, tea tree oil, and salicylic acid as well as propolis to help with excessive sebum secretion. To sooth the skin Secret Key added Centella and Portulaca extracts. It does not contain parabens, mineral oil, benzophenone, orphenoxyethanol, or artificial color. 

If you’re familiar with Murad Acne Spot Treatment then you’ll be familiar with the formula, consistency, and smell of this product. If you are unfamiliar with the Murad Spot Treatment, the product is clear and gel like. It goes on smoothly and has a bit of a artificial/acetone smell to it. I have not tried this product yet but am very hopeful that it will work as well as the Murad product. Which would be a huge savings (and Korean – smile). 

And that ladies and gents is my 3b beauty bag unbagging for the month of September. I’m happy with most of the products. The Yu-Be sample is a huge no for me. However, the price of the bag was worth having my mother act like a kid over the Leaders Mediu Therpahy hand cream. I’ll also use the RiRe Essence and the Secret key Spot remover. So, overall this was a great month for 3b. 

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