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Friday, November 18, 2011

Cold Joy! AKA Fatigue Sucks

A lot of people know I have MS at this point. I outed myself on Facebook and to my surprise, it didn't really cause much of an uproar. I am not ashamed of my MS or want to keep it hidden, I just don't lead with "Hi, nice to meet you. I have MS" seems a bit like a strong introduction (smile).

I'm sick this week with a cold. A cold or a phlegm demon that has taken up residence in my chest. It seems to be going around at work and I was the unlucky recipient of it! My poor boyfriend was woken up by me last night many times coughing a lung up.

Having MS means that since I'm sick I'm psudoflaring. I've talked about a psudoflare before but in general what it means is that crappy MS stuff that I've had before comes back to say hi. My right arm hurts, my eyes are spazzing a bit, and I am EXHAUSTED. I've ran 20 miles before and I have not been this exhausted.

So, not only do I have this amazing cold but I feel like I can't move. I could sleep 20 hours a day and it wouldn't make a different. I could take my Provigil but then I'd be sick and on my wakey wakey pill. Which seems a bit like a waste of my very expensive wakey wakey pill.

One of the major problems with being sick and getting this fatigued is that I can't work. I'm usually perfectly able to work and do my normal life stuff, but when I'm sick I'm dead and good to no one. The funny part about this? I just spoke to HR about the fact that I have MS. I haven't told HR up until this point that I have MS. As I said above I'm not embarrassed by it I just don't lead with it (smile). I also think work is a need-to-know type of situation. I'm a bit gun shy about telling employers about my MS. It's a personal choice that I make because of the industry I am in.

So, here I sit literally sick and tired waiting for my cold to go away and for my fatigue to lift. At least I have a chance to catch up on reading blogs and playing facebook games (smile).


  1. Hi!
    My name is Daniella, and I am your newest follower~~
    I hear what you are saying totally! I am not ashamed of my ms, but I don't start my conversations with it either. Unless you actually see me, who would know?
    Sorry you aren't feeling well!
    I found you from Lisa's Blogers of the online community blog.
    I think you are awesome!

  2. Hi Daniella! Thank you for saying I'm awesome! Hehe. I had no idea I was mentioned on Lisa's page(I do now because I went and stalked Lisa lol)! Thanks for letting me know!

    Thank you for following me. I hope I can add a little humor/help to some peoples lives (smile).