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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boys and Girls of Every Age

It's Devils Night! In years past I was out causing trouble but I haven't done that in years (smile). I admit it I love Halloween! In the past few years I have not dressed up or done much. The night usually involves trying to ensure my dog does not go through my front window (tiny people in sparkly weird things creep her out and she thinks she has to protect us) while making sure small children don't have heart attacks on the front lawn from being exposed to the mean "Boxer Doggie". After that insanity subsides I usually watch some horror movies or some all night ghost hunting thing on TV.

This year I'm actually going to dress up. Why is it different this year? This year the place I work really emphasizes dressing up. So, I decide this weekend to get some stuff. In between fighting the crowds for things and getting good makeup to plaster on my face (If I don't get good makeup I'll look like a horror show for weeks to come), I realized that I'm actually excited to dress up!

I'm not sure why but I am excited. I can't wait to see what the boy is going for his Halloween costume. Although he told me all about it and I'll see it tomorrow night, I'm still excited to see it! I'm also curious to see what everyone at work is going to wear.

I'm not sure if I'm getting my fun back or if I'm better because it's been a few years since my fathers passing and my MS diagnosis. Whatever the reason I am enjoying my holiday again and I wonder what Christmas is going to be like! (smile)


  1. .....have all the fun you can.....and get the biggest plastic pumpkin you can find .....halloween is all about the swag....and don't let gia have too much candy...boxers get gassy....lol