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Friday, July 9, 2010

Being a hermit looks better every day.

I’m a little concerned about the quality of worker we have extending the road outside of my home. The main roadway that leads into my subdivision is being widened. Two weeks ago they accidentally hit one of the water lines and the whole area was without water for a few hours. Today I leave my complex and realize that the whole road is shut down. I find out why - seems this time the workers cut the gas line. Now, call me crazy but you would think they have diagrams where all of the utilities are. Gas lines, power lines, water lines, cable…What did you say? OH they DO?!

I can’t even dig a hole in my back yard to put in a fence unless I have them come out to mark the lines around my house. How is it that these geniuses not only cut the water line but have now also cut a gas line that could blow us all to bits?

I’m really considering buying land in the Pacific NW and just becoming a hermit. Seems safer.

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